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    3M Combination Filter, ABE1 - 6057-ANZ

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    3M Combination Filter, ABE1 - 6057-ANZ

    The 3M™ Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Cartridge 6057 belongs to the 3M™ 6000 series of gas/vapour cartridges and is designed to be used with 3M™ Half and Full Face respirators.

    - Utilizes 3M high-performance activated carbon for effective filtration.
    - Employs the 3M™ Bayonet Connection System for precise and secure locking.
    - Boasts a low profile and well-balanced twin filter design.
    - Compatible with 3M™ Half Face Respirators 6000/6500QL/7500 Series and 3M™ Full Face Respirators 6000/FF-400 Series.

    - Filter Rating: A1B1E1
    - Offers protection against organic vapours (boiling point > 65ºC), inorganic & acid gases.
    - Weight: 115 gm per pair of filters

    - Suitable for tasks involving solvents and/or acid gases like toluene, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur dioxide.
    - Recommended for use in degreasing, paint thinning, acid cleaning, etching, electroplating, acid, and fertilizer manufacturing.

    Note: Gas/vapour cartridges do not filter particulates. For protection against particulates, including mists, combine filters. For instance, you can use the 3M™ Particulate Filters 5925 (P2) with the 3M™ Filter Retainer 501 over the gas/vapour cartridge for combined protection against dusts, mists, fumes, and the specified gas/vapour.

    Follow these fitting instructions for the 6057 filters:

    1. Use only new, unused filters from their original packaging. Ensure both filters are of the same type and class.
    2. Align the notch on the 6057 filter with the facepiece 3M logo, then push them together.
    3. Turn the filter 1/4 clockwise until it stops to secure it in place.
    4. When replacing filters, discard and replace both at the same time.
    5. To remove the filter, turn it 1/4 anticlockwise.



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