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    Awlgrip vs. Awlcraft 2000 – What are the differences?

    Awlgrip vs. Awlcraft 2000 – What are the differences?

    Discover the essential contrasts between Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. This overview will equip you with the necessary information to make an informed decision on which option suits your needs best.

    Key Takeaway

    Let's dive into the key differentiators between Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements:

    1. Awlgrip: With its two-component urethane formula, Awlgrip stands out for its exceptional gloss, colour consistency, and long-lasting durability.

    2. Awlcraft 2000: Offering a single component water-based formula, Awlcraft 2000 boasts easy application and the ability to buff and polish, ensuring excellent shine retention.

    3. Cost and Protection: While Awlgrip comes at a higher price point, it provides enhanced protection against UV rays, chemicals, and abrasion over time. Awlcraft 2000, on the other hand, is more cost-effective but still delivers reliable resistance to fading, chalking, weathering, and corrosion.

    4. Application Convenience: Awlcraft 2000 requires less preparation work compared to traditional solvent-based topcoats like Awlgrip, resulting in a quicker and easier application process. Additionally, it boasts minimal odor and requires minimal cleanup.

    Both Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 offer excellent performance when properly applied in suitable environments. Consider these factors to determine which product aligns best with your needs and preferences.

    Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000, while appearing similar on the surface, differ significantly at the molecular level. Awlgrip is formulated with a polyester urethane resin, whereas Awlcraft 2000 utilizes an acrylic urethane resin. This molecular distinction brings about important contrasts between the two coatings.

    Polyester molecules, being smaller, allow for a higher concentration within a given volume compared to acrylic molecules. As a result, Awlgrip exhibits denser and tougher films. Its inherent rigidity lends itself to superior abrasion and chemical resistance.

    On the other hand, Awlcraft 2000 has its own set of advantages. The larger acrylic molecules and less dense film structure facilitate faster drying, reducing the risk of dust entrapment during application. Both urethane topcoats provide resistance to staining and long-lasting gloss.

    When selecting a topcoat, it's crucial to consider factors such as cure times, reparability, application methods, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance. These aspects will help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and desired outcomes.

    Which is more suited for buffing?

    Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 are both urethane topcoats that provide a protective resin layer. This layer serves as a primary defense against UV light and abrasion. Beneath the resin layer lies a pigment-rich base, which contributes to the vibrant color and glossy appearance of the paint.

    Awlgrip boasts a thicker resin layer, requiring deeper cuts into the polyester resin when repairing scratches. Buffing the surface of Awlgrip may expose the pigment particles, compromising the long-term performance of the paint. Therefore, the use of a Fairing Compound is necessary for repairing Awlgrip.

    In contrast, Awlcraft 2000 features a softer finish due to its less dense molecular structure. This acrylic urethane has a lower melting point, allowing the resin to flow together when buffed. Consequently, less surface cutting is required during repairs. So,Β Awlcraft 2000Β is more suited for buffing andΒ AwlgripΒ will require aΒ Fairing Compound.

    AwlgripΒ vsΒ Awlcraft 2000 – Fast Facts

    Awlgrip – Polyester Urethane Topcoat

    • Applicable by spray or brush/roll methods.
    • Offers excellent color retention and chemical resistance.
    • Features a more dense molecular structure.

    Awlcraft 2000 – Acrylic Urethane Topcoat

    • Designed for spray application only.
    • Provides superior flow-out and high gloss.
    • Dries quickly to minimize dust entrapment.
    • User-friendly in application and easy to repair.

    For further reference, you can consult the Awlgrip Color Chart to explore the available color options.Β 

    Awlgrip Color Chart